About K. Nathan Gallery

K Nathan Gallery was established in 1975 by Keith N Kelman, dealing in rare coins and early American antiques. He quickly became recognized as one of the top rare coin dealers in the country known for his discerning eye. Beginning in 1976, he began dealing in American and Jamaican art and made art his major focus with the opening of the gallery in La Jolla in 1992.

Originally specializing in early California paintings, he rapidly became known in the art world for his highly educated eye and ability to search out the best of the best. With the use of the internet, Mr. Kelman views between 200 and a thousand paintings virtually every day on his constant search for that occasional gem.Today, K.  Nathan Gallery handles wonderful examples of artwork by artists from around the world, from many different time periods. The gallery is highly regarded throughout the United States and overseas for their quality of art handled.

K. Nathan Gallery offers excellent examples of artwork from the early California, Arts and Crafts and Post War Modernist periods as well as focusing on other gems from America, Europe and Latin America.

Mr. Kelman and master craftsman, Andres Ortiz founded KelmanOrtiz fine frame makers almost two decades ago. Today they are internationally recognized for the excellence of their high quality hand carved gold leaf custom frames which are also available to the public through www.kelmanortiz.com.

Customers are always warmly welcomed at the gallery and our website is updated on a regular basis.