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Paul Rivoire

Paul Gabriel Alexis Rivoire (1902-1984) was a French post-impressionist who painted in the Savoie region of the French Alps as well as the southern regions of France, Paris, and environs to the north. Rivoire was a contemporary of Matisse, whose art reflects the influences of great masters such as Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, and the Fauvists.  His subject matter included still lifes, landscapes, marines, figurals and portraits. His mediums were primarily oils, watercolors and gouaches.

K. Nathan Gallery is proud to announce the discovery of an important cache of his previously unknown post-impressionist paintings.

As a young man, his instructors declared that;”Rivoire stands on the shoulders of Cezanne. His talents will allow him to follow whatever path he chooses.” In the 1930s art critics lauded his “intimate but vigorous and vibrant landscapes of exquisite quality…” (c1935, Le Matin), and Le Petit Dauphinois in 1936 exclaimed;“…each of Rivoire’s works, remarkable for their composition and color, allow this young artist to finally be counted among the most talented and original painters from Savoy.”

A man of wealth, the Rivoire family was the official secretary of France under the Ancient Regime. In the second half of the 1800s, the family established a silk factory. Rivoire inherited and eventually lost the family silk business during the great depression. He died in a small one-room apartment in Grenoble in 1984.

Rivoire never sought fame and he only exhibited occasionally. He painted because his talent and love of art demanded it.

Discoveries such as this rarely occur in the world of art. We are excited to bring this offering of exquisite artwork by a brilliant French post-impressionist exclusively to K. Nathan Gallery’s clients.

K. Nathan Gallery is an active buyer of his artwork.