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California, American and International Fine Art

Gilbert, Arthur Hill (1894-1970)

Oaks (Near Monterey)







Arthur Hill Gilbert was an American impressionist landscape painter, and a notable practitioner of the California-style, widely known for his coastal scenes of the Monterey Peninsula. Born in 1894 in Illinois, he graduated from the Evanston Academy in 1913 and attended Northwestern University. He served in the United States Naval Academy Officer’s School at Annapolis and later moved to Southern California in 1920. Gilbert studied at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles and later in Paris and London. He won the Hallgarten Prize at the National Academy of Design in 1929 for his Monterey Oaks and the Ranger and Murphy prizes. He settled in Monterey in 1930 and won numerous awards in California shows. Gilbert was elected an Associate of the National Academy of Design in 1930 and was best remembered for his live oak, Monterey area landscapes. He died on his ranch near Stockton in 1970.

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