Earle, Lawrence (1845-1921)

Still Life (dated 1876)

Still Life (dated 1876)






“Lawrence Earle and the renowned American artist, Frederick Church, were boys together in Grand Rapids, and they shared their dreams of one day becoming great artists. They went to Chicago together and later to New York where each carried on his work in his own special way. Lawrence Chamichael Earle is now one of the best known of the American artists. He is especially noted for his excellent studies of character types. Among these are the old flute player and the old violin player. He has also made some notable studies of fisher folk types. A number of Mr. Earle’s pictures are owned by residents of this city. One of Mr. Earle’s most important commissions was for the mural paintings in the Chicago National bank. These paintings consist of sixteen lunettes, eight by sixteen feet each in dimension. They represent sixteen periods in the history of Chicago. Mr. Earle won the commendation of the president of the Chicago Art Institute and of the critics. These pictures rank among the finest mural decoration in Chicago.”

“Grand Rapids Artists and Writers,” Grand Rapids Press, January 1, 1907.

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