California and American Art Books

Albert Thomas DeRome 1885-1959. Being a Story of His Life and a Picture Diary of His Oils and Watercolors by Walter A. Nelson-Rees (1988). The only book on this well known and popular Carmel artist. Scarce. Extensively illustrated. 520 color, 37 b&w illus. 11×15. Hardcover $145. (Out-of-print).

Alson Skinner Clark, 1879 – 1949. by Jean Stern. 1983 exhibit catalog covering the career of this well- known California impressionist. 32 color, 75 b&w illus. 115pp. llx9. (Out-of-print). Hardcover $55.

An American Impressionist: The Art and Life of Alson Skinner Clark by Deborah Epstein Solon. 2005. Covers the life and career of this well-known California Impressionist. Lavishly illustrated. 76 color, 10 b&w illus. 149pp. 12×9. Softcover $20.

California Impressionists. by Susan Landauer. 1996 exhibition catalog of many of the early California impressionists. Among them: Payne, Wendt, Rose, Braun, etc. 73 color, 7 b&w illus. 103pp. llx9. Hardcover $40.

Charles Reiffel, An American Post-Impressionist. Edited by Ariel Plotek. 2012. Extensively covers the career of this well-known San Diego/Silvermine artist. With an essay by Bram Dijkstra and an impressive chronology and exhibition history by Keith Colestock. Beautifully illustrated. 105 color, 16 b&w illus. 190pp. 10.5×9.75. Hardcover $40.

Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey. Pasadena Museum of California Art, 2012. Beautiful book with 120 color reproductions and over 50 black and white photographs and drawings. One of California’s best known plein air painters, Payne expertly painted the Sierras, the American west’s desert, coast and backcountry as well as many European locals. His brushwork, composition and ability to capture the light, shadow and atmosphere of the west puts him in the upper echelon of all American painters. Hardcover $60.

E. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit. Julianne Burton-Carvajal and Scott Shields. 2018. Written by Scott A. Shields and published in conjunction with the exhibition organized by the Pasadena Museum of California Art in collaboration with the Crocker Art Museum, E. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit presents more than one hundred fifty reproductions and photographs of Fortune’s paintings and church furnishings, as well as photographs and a detailed chronology outlining her unconventional life. An essay by Julianne Burton-Carvajal examines Fortune’s work as a liturgical designer. Published on the occasion of the exhibition E. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit Pasadena Museum of California Art: August 20, 2017-January 7, 2018 Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento: January 28-April 22, 2018 Monterey Museum of Art: May 24-August 27, 2018. A groundbreaking exhibition that should place Fortune as one of the most talented of the early California impressionists. Fortune’s brushwork is unparalleled in California art. 150+ illustrations, 236 pp. Hardcover $60.

Franz A. Bischoff, The Life & Art of an American Master. Jean Stern and Scott A. Shields. 2010. A wonderful exhibition originating at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. Covers Bischoff’s life with excellent examples of his work. Bischoff, always considered among the top early California artists is differentiated from the soft, impressionistic work of many of his contemporaries by his vibrant, rich color and chunky brushwork which borders on the expressionistic. 320 color illustrations. 224 pages. Softcover $25. Hardcover $50.

Guy Rose: American Impressionist. 1995. Will South, William Gerdts and Jean Stern all contributed to this comprehensive look at the life and work of California’s most valuable impressionist. 120 color, 32 b&w illus. 180pp. 14xl0. Hardcover $55.

Harold Frank: Abstract Expressionist by Sandie Stern. 2001. Brings this exciting early American abstract expressionist back to the art world’s attention. Harold Frank grew up in the tenements of New York and after serving in World War II, joined the growing number of young, disillusioned American artists making their foray into the new art: abstract expressionism. Educated at the finest American art institutions, Frank took his place among the great recognized artists of the day: DeKooning, Stamos, Diebenkorn, Appel, Baselitz, Magnelli, Da Silva, Dubuffet, Geis, Alechinsky, Tobey, Hockney, etc. Late in life he became more and more reclusive. He hoarded his paintings and disappeared from the art scene of the time. This book brings him back into the limelight after having been missing for more than 20 years. Fabulously illustrated. 197 color, 18 bw illus. 122pp. 12 1/2×9 1/2. Hardcover $65.

Impressions of California: Early Currents in Art 1850 – 1930. 1996. This major exhibition at the Irvine Museum was featured in a KOCE-TV documentary. An excellent book with a history of the development of California art and biographies of 45 artists. 106 color, 14 b&w illus. 199pp. l0x9. Softcover $24. Hardcover $45.

Independent Spirits: Women Painters of the American West, 1890 – 1945. 1995. A much needed study of women painters of the American west. Presents information on many artists on which there was previously very little available. An excellent and rich source of information. 143 color, 134 b&w illus. 304pp. llx9. Softcover $47.95.

John Frost: . A Quiet Mastery by Phil Kovinich. Irvine Museum, 2013.California impressionist John Frost’s paintings are highly regarded by collectors and scholars. He studied his craft in Paris and Giverny and after recuperating from tuberculosis, decided to travel to the American west. His paintings are infused with a soft, but colorful palette and reflect his classical training as well as the influences of the French impressionists. His father, Arthur B. Frost, was one of America’s foremost illustrators and through his family ties he developed a close friendship with Guy Rose. They often painted together on fishing trips and his style is more closely related to Rose’s than any other artist. This handsome book of Frost’s life and work features 300 excellent color illustrations. 300 color, 37 b&w illus. 239pp. 12 1/4×9 1/4. Softcover $25. Hardcover $50.

Joseph Kleitsch, A Kaleidoscope of Color. By Patricia Trenton, Ph.D.Profusely illustrated book on the life and work of Joseph Kleitsch (1882-1931). Traces his career from Europe to Chicago and Laguna Beach. Over 300 color illus. 286pp. 12×9 . Softcover $25. Hardcover $50.

The Paintings of Franz A. Bischoff. by Jean Stern. Petersen Galleries. 1980. This excellent monograph on one of the most famous of all early California plein air painters has long been out-of-print. While living in Dearborn, Michigan, he became known as one of the finest painters of ceramics in the country. Bischoff first came to California at the turn of the century and became captivated with the California landscape. The work he produced between 1906 and his death places him among the elite plein air painters of his time (Payne, Braun, Rose, Redmond and Wendt). 55 color, 28 b&w illus. 56pp. 8 3/4×10 1/4. Hardcover (Out-of-print) $60.

Palette of Light: California Paintings from the Irvine Museum. 1993 exhibition catalog. 33 artists’ biographies and excellent illustrations. 46 color illus. 64pp. llx9. Softcover $16.

The Paynes: Edgar and Elsie – American Artists. by Rena Neumann Coen. 1988. An indepth study of arguably the most popular and probably the most prolific of the early California plein air artists and his wife. 77 color, 23 b&w illus. 108pp. llx9. Hardcover (Out-of-print) $55.

Plein Air Painters of California: The North. by Ruth Westphal. A pioneering work which brought many California artists to the public’s attention. 147 color, 87 b&w illus. 206pp. 12xll. Hardcover (Out-of-print) $175.

Plein Air Painters of California: The Southland. by Ruth Westphal. One of the most popular books ever written on the California plein air painters. 135 color, 46 b&w illus. 220pp. 12xll. Hardcover (Out-of-print) $110.

Second Nature: Four Early San Diego Landscape Painters. by Martin Petersen. 1991. Covers the lives and work of Maurice Braun, Alfred Mitchell, Charles Fries and Charles Reiffel. A wonderful exhibition of paintings held at the San Diego Museum of Art that brought these four important early San Diego painters into the public eye. 99 color, 35 b&w illus. 192pp. 12xl0. Softcover (Out-of-print) $30. Hardcover (Out-of-print) $115.

Selections From the Irvine Museum. 1992. The first and arguably the best exhibition of paintings from the Irvine Museum. With a history of the development of California art and biographical information on many of the best known of the plein air painters. 78 color, 9 b&w illus. 128pp. llx9. Hardcover $35.

Selections from the Irvine Museum (updated edition, 2009).The “Selections from The Irvine Museum” was originally published on the occasion of the museum’s grand opening in January, 1993. The new, updated 2009 edition features numerous paintings which the museum has acquired since 1993 and highlights the works of seventy-five important California painters. Softcover $25. Hardcover $50.

Sunlight and Shadow. The Art of Alfred R. Mitchell (1888-1972). Thomas R. Anderson and Bruce Kamerling. 1988. The first major exhibition of Mitchell’s work. Extensively quoted in the book, the writings of Mitchell bring into focus his artist’s heart and a poet’s grasp of the English language. An excellent read. Very scarce and desirable. 22 color, 32 b&w illus. 95pp. 11×8 1/2. Softcover $110. Post printing Hardcover $145.

The Society of Six by Nancy Boas. Copyright 1988. Reprinted 1997. 1917…six young plein air painters from the Bay area form an association that lasts for 15 years whose innovations still reverberate in the art world today. Selden Connor Gile, Maurice Logan, William H. Clapp, August F. Gay, Bernard Von Eichman and Louis Siegriest, influenced by the art of the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, shocked the patrons of the period with their colorful, post-impressionistic paintings. They created an expressive modernism of their own that influenced the next generation of northern California artists including Diebenkorn and Thiebaud. Interestingly written, Nancy Boas manages to bring to life the period and art of this fascinating group. 100 color, 59 b&w illus. 224pp. 12×9 1/2. Softcover $52.95.

William Wendt, In Nature’s Temple. Irvine Museum. 2008. Lavishly illustrated with Wendt’s beloved landscapes, this handsome book covers biographical and exhibition information. 257 color illus. 320 pp. 12×9. Softcover $30. Hardcover $60. 

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