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Andrea Gerardi

Andrea Gerardi was born in Sicily in 1928. He remembers as a child, carrying around his sketchbook wherever he went so he could capture his sights and experiences.

“Really, I was born an artist. My wonderful  Italian parents encouraged my art and brought me up in a loving environment exposing me to music and the arts.

My paintings come from my personal experiences of living in many different parts of the world. Color is my language and the sounds and vibrations of these places direct my story. The heart of Italy, England, India, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippine Islands are conveyed in my paintings of the people I’ve met and the heart of the lands.

Back in the ’60s, I lived and studied under Sir John Aldridge, Royal Academician, in Great Britain, who was a mentor of mine.”

Andrea Gerardi

Andrea’s delightful paintings exude a love of life with color and a unique sense of composition and design.

His spirit inhabits his artwork.

If you know Andrea, you love Andrea.